Department of Shalya Tantra

In the department of Shalya Tantra we are committed to do teaching, training and research activities in surgical and para surgical division continuously. In the department, current time we are running clinical and academic activities simultaneously. We provide the service to people in outdoor (OPD) as well as In-door (IPD) and also in emergencies. The teaching andtraining to BAMS undergraduate students has been started since 2020. The fundamentals of ShalyaTantra and practical on Ksharakarma, Agnikarma,Shiravedha, and Jalukavcharana is being demonstrated to the students under surgical and Para-surgical procedures. The Agnikarma, Ksharakarma and Jalukavcharana is done to the patients for the specific diseases in hospital. A well-equipped kshara laboratory is developed in department for teaching, training and clinical purpose. The department has a well-developed skill lab for the training of undergraduate students in different surgical procedures.Department has well equipped operation theatre and currently serving the people of states. Most cases operated in Shalya Tantra are with anorectal disorders. Various cases of Fistula in ano has been treated successfully with the ksharasutra therapy in the department. We have enough equipped minor operation theatre where we performed surgical and Para surgical procedures successfully.

Teaching staff:

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Dr. Alok Kumar
MS (Ay)

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Junita K. Swer

Lecturer, Dept. Of Shalya Tantra