Department of Sharir Rachana Vigyan

Department of Sharir Rachana started in NEIAH in Nov 2016. Rachana Sharir is one of the basic subjects of Ayurvedic Surgery & Medicine. Rachana Sharir deals with the basic Structural knowledge of Gross as well as Sublte Human body. Rachana Sharir provides the knowledge of Normal Structural Organization of Human body, Embryological Development, Genetics, Marma(Vital Points) & other related topics, which helps in significant understanding of different ailments and there management. The department is not only involved in theoretical teaching but also in practical teaching of Shava (Cadaver) for better understanding of human body to BAMS students. The dissection study paves the path for better understanding for proper Diagnosis as well as first hand training for Surgical & Para surgical Procedures.

Teaching Staff:

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Dr. Gaurav Soni
MD (Ay)
Date of joining -02.08.16

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Dr. Lakhiprova Doley
Designation- Lecturer in Department of Sharir Rachana (Anatomy )
Qualification- BAMS, M.D ( Ayurveda)