Department of Sharir Kriya Vigyan

Department of Sharir Kriya Vigyan started in NEIAH in Nov 2016. KriyaSharir is the subject of Ayurvedic Medicine. KriyaSharir deals with the basic knowledge and Principles of Ayurveda. KriyaSharir provides the knowledge of body functions and dysfunctions, which helps in significant understanding of ailment and its management. The department involves in teaching of scientific basis of Tridosha, Sapta-Dhatu, Sara, Agni, Prakritietc to BAMS students. The Tridosha, Agni, Prakritietc have significant role in diagnosis as well as in therapy.

Teaching Staff:

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Dr. Satish Talukar
Associate Professor
Date of joining -03.11.16

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Dr. Pramod Kr Singh
MD (Ay)
Date of joining -02.08.16