Membership Eligibility

The eligible category of members for enrolment as Membership of the Library are Students, Post Graduates, Faculties, Residents, Officers, Paramedics, Teaching staff, Non-Teaching staff, Office Staff of the Institute and any other person recommended by the Competent Authority.

Membership Enrolment Procedure:

All the eligible category of members shall fill in the prescribed form which can be downloaded from the NEIAH Library  web page or collected from the Library and to be submitted along with one copy of  ID self-attested with two passport size photograph.

On fulfillment of the above required documents, members will be issued with a Library Passbook or Borrowers Card for borrowing Books. In case the Library Passbook or the Borrowers Card is lost, one should report to the Library. Duplicate card will be issued with a fine as per the rules.

Termination of Membership Procedure:

Any category of members who intends to terminate their membership from the Library shall return all the books borrowed and any other property belonging to the Library and surrender the Library Passbook or the Borrowers Card before which the Librarian issue a No Dues Certificate from the Library.

The members are requested to read the Library Rules before enrolling themselves as Library Members for the smooth functioning of the Library.

Library Rules

Membership Form for Students

Membership Form for Faculty

Library is open on weekdays. | From 8 AM to 6 PM.